Wraparound Youth Engagement Kit

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Youth Era’s Wraparound Youth Engagement Kit is the first of its kind. The kit includes both toolboxes.  The first toolbox in the Wraparound Youth Engagement Kit during their initial one-on-one with the youth. The toolbox is made up of three components: Stacked Deck, an FAQ Dice, and the Wrap Advocacy Guide. The second toolbox in the kit dives deeper into goal setting and understanding where the youth wants to be in the future. This toolbox includes the Creatures of Fate Game, a Creatures of Fate Journal, and corresponding accessories. 

We set out to develop these kits after receiving consistent feedback from Wraparound partners across the country around the challenges that hinder their ability to build authentic relationships with youth and provide excellent peer support. In the end, after more than a year of planning, our dedicated team produced a tool that will help Wraparound partners across the country do their jobs effectively and with ease.